The AERNA logo arose from a contest held by the Association after its constitution. The ‘dovetail’ linking two parts: one orange, which represents the economy, and other green, which symbolizes the environment symbolizes that AERNA will extend economic analysis to the management of the physical world on which human societies are based.

To this end, the Association seeks to avoid the traditional dissociation between economic and ecological approaches, «reconciling in the same root eco the utility advocated by the first  and the estability by second» (Naredo, 1987, 1996). Furthermore, the fact that this objective ‘ecointegrator’ has been explicitly signed by both the Ecological Economics (Constance Bartholomew and Daly, 1991) and the Environmental Economics (Azqueta, 1994), reinforces AERNA as a space for reflection and complementarity between professionals working from different approaches and disciplines on the relationship between Economics and Environment.

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