May 17th, 2024


The Spanish Portuguese Association of Natural and Environmental Resource Economics (AERNA, organizes the Second Young AERNA Day on May 17th, 2024, hosted by the Department of Economics at the University of Girona.


Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales, Universitat de Girona

C/ Universitat de Girona nº10, 17003 Girona, Room 16 (ground floor)


9:00-9:15. Registration

9:15-9:30h. Welcome address

9:30-11:00h. First session. Chair: Renan Goetz

  • 1 Gokhan Dilek (Universitat de Barcelona). “Potential Effects of New ETS on Industrial Prices and Household Welfare” (coauthors: M. Serrano and J.J. Teixidó). Discussant: Ana Serrano (Universidad de Zaragoza)
  • 2 Dana Ghandour (Concordia University). “The impacts of Unilateral Carbon Border Adjustments among Heterogeneous Countries”. Discussant: Françeska Tomori (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)
  • 3 Witson Peña Tello (Universitat de Barcelona). “Policy interactions and power sector CO2 emissions: A quasi-experimental analysis”. Discussant: Renan Goetz (Universitat de Girona)

11:00-11:30h. Coffee break

11:30-12:30h. Second session. Chair: Àngels Xabadia

  • 1 Miguel Angel Casquet (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). “A new framework for evaluating the sustainability of a transport policy: A case study in the Piedmont region”. Discussant: Àngel Bujosa (Universitat de les Illes Balears)
  • 2 Fernando Peinado (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). “Incentives for Green Technology Adoption and Compliance under Risk Aversion and Technological Uncertainty” (coauthors: C. Arguedas and J.L. Zofío). Discussant: Àngels Xabadia (Universitat de Girona)

 12:30-13:30. Plenary Session, Chair: Carmen Arguedas

Speaker: Prof. Xavier Labandeira (Universidad de Vigo) «On Distributional impacts and compensations from climate policies»

13:30-15:00h. Lunch

 15:00-17:00h. Third session. Chair: Encarna Esteban

  • 1 Aayushi Sharma (Universitat de Barcelona). “Coal’s Last Breath: Examining Health Impacts in England’s Transition” (coauthors: L. Maynou, J.J. Teixidó). Discussant: Jordi Rosell (Universitat de Girona)
  • 2 Ismael Moreno (European University Institute). “Dust to Dust: Tracing Air Pollution’s Impact on Work Accidents” (coauthors: B. Hatemer). Discussant: Laia Maynou (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • 3 Claudia Ranocchia (Universidad Complutense de Madrid y Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). “Peer-to-Peer Sharing and Price Competition” (coauthors: C. Arguedas, S. Rousseau and F.J. André). Discussant: Julia de Frutos (Universitat de Barcelona)
  • 4 Germán Sanchez (Universitat de Lleida). “Spatially homogeneous and heterogeneous payments for biodiversity conservation: The case of the Lleida plain” (coauthors: M. Viladrich). Discussant: Encarna Esteban (Universidad de Zaragoza)

 17:00-17:30h. Coffee break

 17:30-19:00h. Fourth session. Chair: Nicolás Boccard

  • 1 Miao Dai (Université de Montpellier). “Efficient recycling” (coauthors: M. Fodha and F. Ricci). Discussant: Francisco J. André (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)
  • 2 Haoran Wang (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). “Rethinking economic appraisal methods to include nature as endogenous agent to evaluate the green architecture of the CAP: A case study in Belgium” (coauthors: S. Quiroga, A. Fernández, C. Suárez, V. Herranz and M. Casquet). Discussant: Carmen Arguedas (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

  18:30-18:45. h. Closing address

 21:00-23:00h. Social dinner: Restaurant: La Fonda d’El Foment, Plus Code Maps: XRMF+FR (if you are in Girona), XRMF+FR Girona (if you are not in Girona)


Organizing Committee

Nicolás Boccard, Renan Goetz, Anna Mota, Jordi Rosell and Àngels Xabadia (Universitat de Girona)


Call for papers:

The objective is to bring together PhD students and young scholars to present ongoing projects and exchange ideas in any area of environmental and resource economics. Each presentation will be followed by discussion by a senior scholar. The meeting includes a keynote lecture by Prof. Xavier Labandeira (Universidade de Vigo).

If you are a PhD student or young scholar working on environmental and resource economics (3 years of completion of PhD studies or less) and want to present your work at this event, please send your paper to Angels Xabadia ([email protected]no later than March 15th, 2024. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by email on March 28th, 2024.  

There is a non-refundable fee of EUR 50 which covers coffee breaks, a lunch and an informal dinner, as well as full access to all activities of the meeting. Registration for the meeting should be completed no later than April 12th, 2024. Participants need to cover their own travel expenses.

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