AERNA Awards

AERNA awards the following prizes:

AERNA Award for the best paper presented to the biannual Conference

AERNA issues a prize of 500€ for the best paper presented at the AERNA biannual Conference by a PhD Student or a PhD holder that has defended his/her thesis recently (last two years).

Two dimensions are taken into account with equal weight in order to select it:

  • Research substance: The originality and quality of the research idea is judged as well as the methodology and execution of the research and the interpretation of the results.
  • Presentation: The ability to convey the research and its results to the audience. The presenter’s quality of communication will also be an important consideration.


Award/ Call yearAuthorTitle of the presentation
VIII AERNA Award (2022)Lennart Vogelsang/ Hans-Peter Weikard , Jantsje M. van Loon-Steensma and Birgit Bednar-Friedl«Assessing the cost-effectiveness of Nature-Based Solutions under climate change uncertainty and learning: the case of the Oldambt-Eemskanaal-Dollardboezem water system in the Netherlands»
VII AERNA Award (2021) Lotanna E. Emediegwu«Assessing the (a)symmetric effect of global climate anomalies on food prices: Evidence from local prices»
VI AERNA Award (2018)Sophie Lian Zhou/ Sjak Smulders/ Reyer Gerlagh«Closing the loop in a circular economy: saving resources or suffocating innovations?»
V AERNA Award (2016)María Victoria Román«What determines the magnitude of the economic impact of climate finance in recipient countries? A structural decomposition of value added creation between countries»
IV AERNA Award (2014)Dra. Elsa Varela«Beyond the burnt area: insights on the social preferences for fire prevention management»
III AERNA Award (2012)Dr. Jesús Barreal«El seguro forestal como herramienta de restauración tras los incendios forestales»
II AERNA Award (2010)Dra. Julia Torralba Cano«Alteraciones climáticas locales: efectos económicos sobre una pesquería iberoatlántica»
I AERNA Award (2008)Dr. Angel Bujosa«Considering environmental diversity in recreational choice modelling»

AERNA Award for the best published paper

AERNA issues a prize of 1000€ for the best paper  published in scientific journals during the past two years, in which at least 50% of the authors are members of AERNA.

This Award recognizes exemplary research published by AERNA members. The Award is given biannually and announced at the AERNA Annual Conference. Two requirements are taken into account:

  • Paper: Any article published during the preceding two  years is eligible for this award
  • Authors:  At least 50% of the authors must be are members of AERNA.


Award/ Call yearAuthorCitation
VII AERNA Award (2022)Esther Blanco, B. Vollan, I. Steimanis, F. Petutschnig and PredigerProcedural fairness and nepotism among local traditional and democratic leaders in rural Namibia. Science Advances, Vol. 6, no. 15, eaay7651, 2020. 
VI AERNA AwardMaría Loureiro and Xavier Labandeira«Exploring Energy Use in Retail Stores: A Field Experiment», Energy Economics 84 (2019) 104570
V AERNA Award (2018)María A. Cunha-E-Sá/ Sofía F. Franco«The effect of development constraints on forest management at the urban-forest interface», American Journal of Agricultural Economics vol. 99, issue 3, pag. 614-636, (2017).
IV AERNA Award (2016)Francisco J. André/ Sjak Smulders«Fueling growth when oilpeaks: Directed technological change and the límits to efficiency», European Economic Review
vol. 69, pag. 18-39, (2014).
III AERNA Award (2014)Michael Finus  /Pedro Pintassilgo«The role of uncertainty and learning for the success of internacional climate agreements», Journal of Public  Economics, vol. 103, pag.29-43, (2013).
II AERNA Award (2012)Carmen Arguedas /D. Daan P. van Soest«On reducing the windfall profits in environmental subsidy programs», Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 58, pag. 192-205, (2009).
I AERNA Award (2010)Nuria Osés-Eraso /Montserrat Viladrich-Grau«On the sustainability of common property resources», Journal of Environmental Economics and Management
vol. 53 (3) , pag. 393–410 (2007)
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