General Assembly

Supreme governing body of the Association consisting of all the members. Among its  powers are:

a) Name of the Board of Directors and its officers and members of honor.
b) Consideration and approval of the annual budget and accounts.
c) Approval or disapproval, where appropriate, the management of the Board of Directors.
d) Setting the ordinary or extraordinary fees.
e) Establishing a Federation of associations or integrated into any other.
f) Expulsion of members proposed by the Board of Directors.
g) Request for the declaration of public utility.
h) Provision and alienation of the Association’s properties.
i) Dissolution of the Association.
j) Approval of the Rules of the internal procedure.
k) Modification of the statutes
l) Revision of the work program prepared by the Board of Directors.
m) Any other non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Board of Directors.

Members may delegate in another member their representation in the General Assembly, whether ordinary or extraordinary. The delegated person shall have full power to represent the person who permitted. However, no member may represent more than three members. In the case of not being able to attend the meeting of the General Assembly, please, send a letter of delegation to [email protected].

Letter of Delegation
I [Your name] with ID number [ID number], hereby authorized Mr. / Ms. [Full name of the person who delegates] to represent me at the regular meeting of the General Assembly to be held AERNA next day ____ of __________ __________ to _____ h. on first call and at ______ h.  in second, in _________________

Date and place: ___________________________________


Mr. / Ms. __________________________________

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