Los investigadores de AERNA publican los resultados de sus proyectos, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional, a través de artículos de revistas, libros o capítulos de libros. AERNA actualiza las principales aportaciones de los miembros cada seis meses. Esta sección contiene una extensa lista de referencias de las publicaciones de los investigadores AERNA y muestra los campos que centran la atención de los investigadores.

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Autor/es Título Revista Cita Fecha
Caparrós, A; Just, R.,E; Zilberman, D. Dynamic Relative Standards versus Emission Taxes in a Putty-Clay Model JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMISTS 2, (2), 277-308 JUN 2015
Bujosa, A.;   Riera, A.; Hicks, R. L.; et ál. Densities rather than shares: Improving the measurement of congestion in recreation demand models ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS 61, 127-140 JUN 2015
Mir-Artigues, P.; Cerda, E.; del Rio, P. Analyzing the impact of cost-containment mechanisms on the profitability of solar PV plants in Spain RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 46, 166-177 JUN 2015
Alonso-Pauli, E,; Andre, F, J. Standardized environmental management systems as an internal management tool RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS  40, 85-106 MAY 2015
Pasalodos-Tato, M,; Ruiz-Peinado, R.; del Rio, M.; et ál. Shrub biomass accumulation and growth rate models to quantify carbon stocks and fluxes for the Mediterranean region EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF FOREST RESEARC 134, 537-553 MAY 2015
Cremer, H.; Gahvari, F.; Ladoux, N. Energy taxes and oil price shocks JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS & POLICY  15, 475-501 APR 2015
Carlos Barcena-Ruiz, J.; Javier Casado-Izaga, F. Regulation of waste management under spatial competition JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 92, 216-222 APR 1 2015
Bujosa, A.; Riera, A.; Torres, Ca. M. Valuing tourism demand attributes to guide climate change adaptation measures efficiently: The case of the Spanish domestic travel market TOURISM MANAGEMENT 47, 233-239 APR 2015
Hall, C. M.; Amelung, B.; Cohen, S.; et ál. No time for smokescreen skepticism: A rejoinder to Shani and Arad TOURISM MANAGEMENT 47 , 341-347 APR 2015
Hall, C. M.; Amelung, B.; Cohen, S.; et ál. Denying bogus skepticism in climate change and tourism research TOURISM MANAGEMENT 47 , 352-356 APR 2015
Arguedas, C.; Rousseau, S. Emission standards and monitoring strategies in a hierarchical setting ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMIC 60, 395-412 MAR 2015
Kahil, M. Taher; D., A.; Albiac, J. Modeling water scarcity and droughts for policy adaptation to climate change in arid and semiarid regions JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY  522, 95-109 MAR 2015
Faccioli, M.; Riera, A.; Torres, C. M. Valuing the Recreational Benefits of Wetland Adaptation to Climate Change: A Trade-off Between Species’ Abundance and Diversity ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT  55, 550-563 MAR 2015
Hoyos, D.; Mariel, P.; Hess, S. Incorporating environmental attitudes in discrete choice models: An exploration of the utility of the awareness of consequences scale SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  505, 1100-1111 FEB  2015
Priego, F. J.; Rossello, J.; Santana-Gallego, M. The impact of climate change on domestic tourism: a gravity model for Spain REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE  15, 291-300 FEB 2015
Longo, A.; Hoyos, D.; Markandya, A. Sequence effects in the valuation of multiple environmental programs using the contingent valuation method LAND ECONOMICS 91, 20-35 FEB 2015
Le Floc’h, Pascal; Murillas, Arantza; Aranda, Martin; et ál. The regional management of fisheries in European western waters MARINE POLICY 51, 375-384 JAN 2015
Alfranca, O. Environmental justice: Concepts, evidence and politics PROGRESS IN DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 15, 104-105 JAN 2015
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. The Spanish food industry on global supply chains and its impact on water resources WATER  7, 132-152 JAN 2015
Foudi, S.; Oses-Eraso, N.; Tamayo, I. Integrated spatial flood risk assessment: The case of Zaragoza LAND USE POLICY 42, 278-292 JAN 2015
Andreopoulos, D.; Damigos, D.; Comiti, F.; et ál. Estimating the non-market benefits of climate change adaptation of river ecosystem services: A choice experiment application in the Aoos basin, Greece ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY  45, 92-103 JAN 2015
Abadie, L. M. Operating flexibility at power plants: A market valuation INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL POWER & ENERGY SYSTEMS 64, 41-49 JAN 2015


[xa_slide title=»Artículos publicados por los socios en 2014» icon=»Select Icon—«]
Autor/es Título Revista Cita Fecha
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. The water footprint of the Spanish agricultural sector: 1860-2010 ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  108, 200-207 DEC 2014
Novales, A.; Perez, R.; Ruiz, J. Optimal time-consistent fiscal policy in an endogenous growth economy with public consumption and capital JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS  42, 104-117 DEC 2014
Lessmann, K.; Marschinski, R.; Finus, M.; et ál. Emissions trading with non-signatories in a climate agreement-an analysis of coalition stability MANCHESTER SCHOOL  82, 82-109 DEC 2014
Leon, C. J.; Arana, J. E.; Hernandez, A. CO2 Emissions and tourism in developed and less developed countries APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS  21, 1169-1173 NOV 2014
El-Sayed, A.; Rubio, S. J. Sharing R&D investments in cleaner technologies to mitigate climate change RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS  38, 168-180 NOV 2014
Galarraga, I.; Ramos, A.; Lucas, J.; et ál. The price of energy efficiency in the Spanish car market TRANSPORT POLICY  36, 272-282 NOV 2014
Duarte, R.; Rebahi, So.; Sanchez-Choliz, J.; et ál.. Households’ behaviour and environmental emissions in a regional economy ECONOMIC SYSTEMS RESEARCH  26, 410-430 OCT  2014
Vetter, H. Environmental Taxes in Duopoly with Soft Capacity Constraints JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS & POLICY  14, 4 OCT 2014
Varela, E.; Jacobsen, J. B.; Solino, Ma. Understanding the heterogeneity of social preferences for fire prevention management ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  106 , 91-104 OCT 2014
Novales, A.; Perez, R.; Ruiz, J. Optimal time-consistent fiscal policy under endogenous growth with elastic labor supply ECONOMIC MODELLING 42, 398-412 OCT 2014
Touza, J.; Perez-Alonso, A.; Chas-Amil, M. L.; et ál. Explaining the rank order of invasive plants by stakeholder groups ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  105, 330-341 SEP 2014
Abdulai, A.; Goetz, R. Time-related characteristics of tenancy contracts and investment in soil conservation practices ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS  59, 87-109 SEP 2014
Leon, C. J.; Arana, J. E.; Gonzalez, M.; et ál. Tourists’ evaluation of climate change risks in the Canary Islands: a heterogeneous response modelling approach TOURISM ECONOMICS    20, 849-868 AUG 2014
Cabo, F.; Erdlenbruch, K.; Tidball, M. Dynamic management of water transfer between two interconnected river basins RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS   37, 17-38 AUG 2014
Andre, F. J.; Smulders, Sjak Fueling growth when oil peaks: Directed technological change and the limits to efficiency EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW  69, 18-39 JUL 2014
Croson, R.; Treich, N. Behavioral environmental economics: Promises and Challenges ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS  58, 335-351 JUL 2014
Ambec, S.; Garapin, A.; Muller, L.; et ál. Comparing regulations to protect the commons: An experimental investigation ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS  58, 219-24 JUN 2014
Adler, M. D.; Hammitt, J. K.; Treich, N. The social value of mortality risk reduction: VSL versus the social welfare function approach JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS  35, 82-93 MAY 2014
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. The effect of globalisation on water consumption: A case study of the Spanish virtual water trade, 1849-1935 ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS    100, 96-105 APR 2014
Albaladejo, I. P.; Isabel Gonzalez-Martinez, M.; Pilar Martinez-Garcia, M. Quality and endogenous tourism: An empirical approach TOURISM MANAGEMENT 41, 141-147 APR 2014
Merchan, C. I.; Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Solino, M. Noise pollution in national parks: Soundscape and economic valuation LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING  123, 1-9 MAR 2014
Cabo, F.; Martin-Herran, G.; Pilar Martinez-Garcia, M. Can sustained growth be attained through trading exhaustible resources for foreign research? JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  23, 267-298 MAR 1 2014
Justes, An.; Barberan, R.; Farizo, Begona A. Economic valuation of domestic water uses SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  472, 712-718 FEB  2014
Leon, Carmelo J.; Gonzalez, Matias; Arana, Jorge E.; et ál.. An evaluation of endogenous sustainable development planning for the rural-urban environment in Gran Canaria EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES    22, 229-245 FEB 2014
Garcia-Florez, L.; Morales, J.; Gaspar, M. B.; et ál.. A novel and simple approach to define artisanal fisheries in Europe MARINE POLICY  44, 152-159 FEB 2014
Saenz-de-Miera, O.; Rossello, J. Modeling tourism impacts on air pollution: The case study of PM10 in Mallorca TOURISM MANAGEMENT  40, 273-281 FEB 2014
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. Looking backward to look forward: water use and economic growth from a long-term perspective APPLIED ECONOMICS  46, 212-224 JAN 2014
Gago, A.; Labandeira, X.; Lopez-Oterop, X. A Panorama on energy taxes and green tax reforms HACIENDA PUBLICA ESPANOLA-REVIEW OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS  208, 145-190 2014
Varela, E.; Mahieu, P.A.; Giergiczny, M.; et ál. Testing the single opt-out reminder in choice experiments: An application to fuel break management in Spain JOURNAL OF FOREST ECONOMICS  20, 212-222 2014
Javier Mur, R.; Goetz, R.; Xabadia, A. et ál. Adapting the optimal selective-logging of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands in NE Spain to increasing CO2 concentrations JOURNAL OF FOREST ECONOMICS    20, 286-304 2014
Vela-Jimenez, M.J; Martinez-Sanchez, A.; Perez-Perez, M.; et ál. How environmental changes and cooperation moderate labour flexibility and firm performance? PERSONNEL REVIEW   43, 915-936 2014
Leon, C. J.; Arana, J. E.; Hanemann, W. M.; et ál. Heterogeneity and emotions in the valuation of non-use damages caused by oil spills  ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  97, 129-139 JAN 2014
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