AERNA researchers report the results of their projects, both nationally and internationally, through journal articles, books or book chapters. AERNA updates the main contributions of the members every six months. This section contains an extensive reference list of publications by researchers AERNA and displays the fields that focus the attention of researchers.

Members’ papers published in 2015

Author/s Title Journal Citation Date
Caparrós, A; Just, R.,E; Zilberman, D. Dynamic Relative Standards versus Emission Taxes in a Putty-Clay Model JOURNAL OF THE ASSOCIATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMISTS 2, (2), 277-308 JUN 2015
Bujosa, A.;   Riera, A.; Hicks, R. L.; et ál. Densities rather than shares: Improving the measurement of congestion in recreation demand models ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS 61, 127-140 JUN 2015
Mir-Artigues, P.; Cerda, E.; del Rio, P. Analyzing the impact of cost-containment mechanisms on the profitability of solar PV plants in Spain RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS 46, 166-177 JUN 2015
Alonso-Pauli, E,; Andre, F, J. Standardized environmental management systems as an internal management tool RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS  40, 85-106 MAY 2015
Pasalodos-Tato, M,; Ruiz-Peinado, R.; del Rio, M.; et ál. Shrub biomass accumulation and growth rate models to quantify carbon stocks and fluxes for the Mediterranean region EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF FOREST RESEARC 134, 537-553 MAY 2015
Cremer, H.; Gahvari, F.; Ladoux, N. Energy taxes and oil price shocks JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS & POLICY  15, 475-501 APR 2015
Carlos Barcena-Ruiz, J.; Javier Casado-Izaga, F. Regulation of waste management under spatial competition JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION 92, 216-222 APR 1 2015
Bujosa, A.; Riera, A.; Torres, Ca. M. Valuing tourism demand attributes to guide climate change adaptation measures efficiently: The case of the Spanish domestic travel market TOURISM MANAGEMENT 47, 233-239 APR 2015
Hall, C. M.; Amelung, B.; Cohen, S.; et ál. No time for smokescreen skepticism: A rejoinder to Shani and Arad TOURISM MANAGEMENT 47 , 341-347 APR 2015
Hall, C. M.; Amelung, B.; Cohen, S.; et ál. Denying bogus skepticism in climate change and tourism research TOURISM MANAGEMENT 47 , 352-356 APR 2015
Arguedas, C.; Rousseau, S. Emission standards and monitoring strategies in a hierarchical setting ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMIC 60, 395-412 MAR 2015
Kahil, M. Taher; D., A.; Albiac, J. Modeling water scarcity and droughts for policy adaptation to climate change in arid and semiarid regions JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY  522, 95-109 MAR 2015
Faccioli, M.; Riera, A.; Torres, C. M. Valuing the Recreational Benefits of Wetland Adaptation to Climate Change: A Trade-off Between Species’ Abundance and Diversity ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT  55, 550-563 MAR 2015
Hoyos, D.; Mariel, P.; Hess, S. Incorporating environmental attitudes in discrete choice models: An exploration of the utility of the awareness of consequences scale SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  505, 1100-1111 FEB  2015
Priego, F. J.; Rossello, J.; Santana-Gallego, M. The impact of climate change on domestic tourism: a gravity model for Spain REGIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE  15, 291-300 FEB 2015
Longo, A.; Hoyos, D.; Markandya, A. Sequence effects in the valuation of multiple environmental programs using the contingent valuation method LAND ECONOMICS 91, 20-35 FEB 2015
Le Floc’h, Pascal; Murillas, Arantza; Aranda, Martin; et ál. The regional management of fisheries in European western waters MARINE POLICY 51, 375-384 JAN 2015
Alfranca, O. Environmental justice: Concepts, evidence and politics PROGRESS IN DEVELOPMENT STUDIES 15, 104-105 JAN 2015
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. The Spanish food industry on global supply chains and its impact on water resources WATER  7, 132-152 JAN 2015
Foudi, S.; Oses-Eraso, N.; Tamayo, I. Integrated spatial flood risk assessment: The case of Zaragoza LAND USE POLICY 42, 278-292 JAN 2015
Andreopoulos, D.; Damigos, D.; Comiti, F.; et ál. Estimating the non-market benefits of climate change adaptation of river ecosystem services: A choice experiment application in the Aoos basin, Greece ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & POLICY  45, 92-103 JAN 2015
Abadie, L. M. Operating flexibility at power plants: A market valuation INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL POWER & ENERGY SYSTEMS 64, 41-49 JAN 2015


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Author/s Title Journal Citation Date
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. The water footprint of the Spanish agricultural sector: 1860-2010 ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  108, 200-207 DEC 2014
Novales, A.; Perez, R.; Ruiz, J. Optimal time-consistent fiscal policy in an endogenous growth economy with public consumption and capital JOURNAL OF MACROECONOMICS  42, 104-117 DEC 2014
Lessmann, K.; Marschinski, R.; Finus, M.; et ál. Emissions trading with non-signatories in a climate agreement-an analysis of coalition stability MANCHESTER SCHOOL  82, 82-109 DEC 2014
Leon, C. J.; Arana, J. E.; Hernandez, A. CO2 Emissions and tourism in developed and less developed countries APPLIED ECONOMICS LETTERS  21, 1169-1173 NOV 2014
El-Sayed, A.; Rubio, S. J. Sharing R&D investments in cleaner technologies to mitigate climate change RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS  38, 168-180 NOV 2014
Galarraga, I.; Ramos, A.; Lucas, J.; et ál. The price of energy efficiency in the Spanish car market TRANSPORT POLICY  36, 272-282 NOV 2014
Duarte, R.; Rebahi, So.; Sanchez-Choliz, J.; et ál.. Households’ behaviour and environmental emissions in a regional economy ECONOMIC SYSTEMS RESEARCH  26, 410-430 OCT  2014
Vetter, H. Environmental Taxes in Duopoly with Soft Capacity Constraints JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC ANALYSIS & POLICY  14, 4 OCT 2014
Varela, E.; Jacobsen, J. B.; Solino, Ma. Understanding the heterogeneity of social preferences for fire prevention management ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  106 , 91-104 OCT 2014
Novales, A.; Perez, R.; Ruiz, J. Optimal time-consistent fiscal policy under endogenous growth with elastic labor supply ECONOMIC MODELLING 42, 398-412 OCT 2014
Touza, J.; Perez-Alonso, A.; Chas-Amil, M. L.; et ál. Explaining the rank order of invasive plants by stakeholder groups ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  105, 330-341 SEP 2014
Abdulai, A.; Goetz, R. Time-related characteristics of tenancy contracts and investment in soil conservation practices ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS  59, 87-109 SEP 2014
Leon, C. J.; Arana, J. E.; Gonzalez, M.; et ál. Tourists’ evaluation of climate change risks in the Canary Islands: a heterogeneous response modelling approach TOURISM ECONOMICS    20, 849-868 AUG 2014
Cabo, F.; Erdlenbruch, K.; Tidball, M. Dynamic management of water transfer between two interconnected river basins RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS   37, 17-38 AUG 2014
Andre, F. J.; Smulders, Sjak Fueling growth when oil peaks: Directed technological change and the limits to efficiency EUROPEAN ECONOMIC REVIEW  69, 18-39 JUL 2014
Croson, R.; Treich, N. Behavioral environmental economics: Promises and Challenges ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS  58, 335-351 JUL 2014
Ambec, S.; Garapin, A.; Muller, L.; et ál. Comparing regulations to protect the commons: An experimental investigation ENVIRONMENTAL & RESOURCE ECONOMICS  58, 219-24 JUN 2014
Adler, M. D.; Hammitt, J. K.; Treich, N. The social value of mortality risk reduction: VSL versus the social welfare function approach JOURNAL OF HEALTH ECONOMICS  35, 82-93 MAY 2014
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. The effect of globalisation on water consumption: A case study of the Spanish virtual water trade, 1849-1935 ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS    100, 96-105 APR 2014
Albaladejo, I. P.; Isabel Gonzalez-Martinez, M.; Pilar Martinez-Garcia, M. Quality and endogenous tourism: An empirical approach TOURISM MANAGEMENT 41, 141-147 APR 2014
Merchan, C. I.; Diaz-Balteiro, L.; Solino, M. Noise pollution in national parks: Soundscape and economic valuation LANDSCAPE AND URBAN PLANNING  123, 1-9 MAR 2014
Cabo, F.; Martin-Herran, G.; Pilar Martinez-Garcia, M. Can sustained growth be attained through trading exhaustible resources for foreign research? JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE & ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT  23, 267-298 MAR 1 2014
Justes, An.; Barberan, R.; Farizo, Begona A. Economic valuation of domestic water uses SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT  472, 712-718 FEB  2014
Leon, Carmelo J.; Gonzalez, Matias; Arana, Jorge E.; et ál.. An evaluation of endogenous sustainable development planning for the rural-urban environment in Gran Canaria EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES    22, 229-245 FEB 2014
Garcia-Florez, L.; Morales, J.; Gaspar, M. B.; et ál.. A novel and simple approach to define artisanal fisheries in Europe MARINE POLICY  44, 152-159 FEB 2014
Saenz-de-Miera, O.; Rossello, J. Modeling tourism impacts on air pollution: The case study of PM10 in Mallorca TOURISM MANAGEMENT  40, 273-281 FEB 2014
Duarte, R.; Pinilla, V.; Serrano, A. Looking backward to look forward: water use and economic growth from a long-term perspective APPLIED ECONOMICS  46, 212-224 JAN 2014
Gago, A.; Labandeira, X.; Lopez-Oterop, X. A Panorama on energy taxes and green tax reforms HACIENDA PUBLICA ESPANOLA-REVIEW OF PUBLIC ECONOMICS  208, 145-190 2014
Varela, E.; Mahieu, P.A.; Giergiczny, M.; et ál. Testing the single opt-out reminder in choice experiments: An application to fuel break management in Spain JOURNAL OF FOREST ECONOMICS  20, 212-222 2014
Javier Mur, R.; Goetz, R.; Xabadia, A. et ál. Adapting the optimal selective-logging of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stands in NE Spain to increasing CO2 concentrations JOURNAL OF FOREST ECONOMICS    20, 286-304 2014
Vela-Jimenez, M.J; Martinez-Sanchez, A.; Perez-Perez, M.; et ál. How environmental changes and cooperation moderate labour flexibility and firm performance? PERSONNEL REVIEW   43, 915-936 2014
Leon, C. J.; Arana, J. E.; Hanemann, W. M.; et ál. Heterogeneity and emotions in the valuation of non-use damages caused by oil spills  ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS  97, 129-139 JAN 2014
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