AERNA is, by principle and statutory mandate, permanently open to the incorporation of individual and institutional members. All seniors and university graduates who are interested in the development of the aims of the Association may pay the corresponding fee (see below) and send proof of payment and personal information (full name, e-mail contact and affiliation) to [email protected]

Being a full individual member

Adherence to AERNA is open to people whose profession, training and / or experience are developing around different axes that make up Natural and Environmental Resources Economics, which includes: analysis of environmental problems (externalities), design and evaluation of environmental policy instruments, economic valuation of the environment, natural resource management, environmental development of endogenous growth models, industrial organization and environment, trade and environment, developing countries and economies in transition and any other issue that addresses the complex interrelationships between economic system and ecosystem from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Among the benefits AERNA provides to the members, are:

  • Participation as a speaker or attending events organized by the Association, including the biennial Congress which AERNA celebrates.
  • Discounts and scholarships to participate in activities organized by the Association or other entities with which it has relations and shared interests and goals.
  • Newsletter that contains information on conferences and training courses, jobs as well as other related environmental policy research and news.
  • Access to full list of members, which includes contact details and areas of specialization.
  • Representation in the General Assembly and electoral processes that are called.
  • Use of platform to disseminate publications, projects and CV of the members.

Being a institutional member

AERNA invites public and private institutions to support the Association, thus contributing to promote their objectives:

  • Promote a fruitful dialogue with governments, companies, related associations, to help improve the management of natural assets in Spain and Portugal.
  • Encourage, promote and carry out specific training and dissemination activities (conferences, seminars, summer school) generically aimed to promote training and research in the field of Natural and Environmental Resources Economics that could contribute to the improving society.


Membership fees were updated by the General Assembly held in Valencia the 2nd of September, 2019 and fixed at 60€/biennial for full members, an amount that will be reduced by 50% for PhD studnets and retirees. The fee for institutional members is: 110 €/year for academic members, 150 €/ year for businesses and 500 €/ year for other institutional members.

Method of payment

Those interested should pay the corresponding fee to the account maintained by the Association with Banco Santander with IBAN ES63 0049 6134 5224 1001 2053, located on the Campus of Somosaguas.  A copy of the payment receipt can be sent to  [email protected]