AERNA has formal collaboration agreements with the following Institutions:


AERNA has an agreement with the CONAMA Foundation, Spanish independent non-profit organization that promotes the exchange of knowledge for sustainable development. It was created by the Association of Physicists, under the protectorate of the Ministry of Environment to undertake the organization of the biennial National Environmental Congress, meeting held since 1992, whose acronym is CONAMA. Over time, the foundation has expanded its lines of work. Since 2005, it organizes the Ibero-American Meeting on Sustainable Development (EIMA), a space organized jointly with institutions in Spain, Brazil, Panama and other Latin American countries which seek synergies across the Atlantic, always in terms of sustainability. Additionally, it organizes specifically the Meeting of Cities for Sustainability Congress, also known as the Local CONAMA.


AERNA supports UNION FOR BIOMASS, forum for employment, an initiative of the producers of agricultural biomass and agricultural and livestock cooperatives, producers of forest biomass and producers of energy from biomass; to promote sustainability and rural development from energy recovery from biomass energy use of biomass in Spain.


EPI-WATER Research Project
AERNA supports the EPI-Water project, wich aims to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of policy instruments in achieving the objectives of water policy; and identify conditions under which they complement or perform better than other policy instruments (eg regulations).